Let's vote for KAT-TUN!
kamenashi kazuya
CDJapan International is now having a poll on who is our favorite Johnny's Group. Let us all show our love for KAT-TUN!

Just click here: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/campaign/vote_johnnysgroup_20150526

Thank you :D
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The moment when 'T' is gone.
kat-tun 5-nin
When I first heard that Koki was fired by J&E from a friend, I thought she was just joking and making of me. But when I went home last night and went to arama, there it is... the news that shattered my heart. So it's really true. I though to myself.

Upon reading the side of the jimusho, I quite understood why they did it. But understanding doesn't mean that I'm okay with it. I'm still not.

I spent my night reading those articles, the hyphens comments and as I did so, my tears won't just stop.

As much as I wanted them to stay as the 5nin KAT-TUN, reality would slap me and make me realize that they are now 4nin. I've been in the fandom for almost 6 years, I've followed the group's activities, watched videos of their PVs, concerts, making ofs, lives and guests, and listened to their songs. That is why I won't lose hope now. They are KAT-TUN and as long as we stay as Hyphens, then surely, they will continue as KAT-TUN.

I'll keep supporting they boys just as I did with NEWS. I'll also wait for their comeback. Gambatte KAT-TUN!
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kamenashi kazuya
Originally posted by ariancho at VOTE FOR KAT-TUN in BEST ARTIST

Hi. Let's all vote for KAT-TUN this year in Best Artist! :))

Here's how:

1) Go to http://www.ntv.co.jp/best-artist/ to vote. Click on the big red button to proceed to the voting page.

2) Fill up the necessary fields for the nickname/penname/pseudonym then age range and gender. then the top 5 artists of your choice (of course, KAT-TUN on 1st! haha) And on the last box, enter the best song you want to hear the best from your chosen artist.

Once done, click the button on the left to submit.
voting page

3) Check your post then click the button on the left and voila~ VOTE IN!
confirm vote page

vote casted page

there it is. Let's Vote~ :))
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